We never knew things would end like this, or better to say begin...

You tell us, some already have, and thus the tried and true "About Us" page, I almost always read them when checking out another on this online thing we do. 


We are a small independent family run motorcycle shop specializing in metric motorcycles, Honda in particular though bring us a project and see what we say, advice is always free and I been known to give it maybe at times I shouldn't have or when it was not asked for. 

Either way, we are here in little ol Black Mtn North Carolina, we don't claim to be local and do not deny the "transplant" tag some may put on us. Originally from Ohio this moto life we lead has taken on more than one form throughout the years and yes we got the pipeburn to show, many of us do

We can change your tires or may even agree to rebuilding a top end and carbs too, we need a little more info on that first. we will promise one thing if nothing else we will always treat you with the dignity and respect we all deserve as human beings.