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Do you title before or aft ??

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Or possibly it is all a part of the song, the title maybe melds into the new(er and ish) blog postage. Again its all made to be what it is when it is and again that is the trick, keep moving forward with positive momentum and intention while keeping our feet planted on the moment. Smooth like that it is, or can be and at times is not ut always always better than it was, always. 

We gonna check out, make some two wheeled tracks out to Lake Udonenowhere for a nigh maybe two if it all works and permits and yes I will give you a ring about that new old Super Sport while I am out there, given it all your bringing exactly what I was thinking maybe just slightly different in mind. Good though for sure. 

It could sound scattered right here, this post, it could be in your face, at times it is when the author is speaking directly to the reader, what did that grumpy English prof call that style?? I can't recall and it doesn't matter, that one even sang right to country music as a whole! Or towards Nashville anyhow who damn what happened to the catterwaul and is that really a pretty boy autotune shiny guitar new cowboy hat?

So yeah, the lake, biker family has already arrived and is working toward getting there and we gotta tent spot already staked out for us and of course I'm gonna help keep that grill grillin and of course we got that fresh cigar in that little high dollar tourist town on the way out here, gonna smoke just perfect after that fish y'all netted today. 

We gonna take the boat out late nigh?!?! I can dig it...don't forget your towel....

We had our differences, we didn't always agree and often flat out just fought each other sprocket and chain yet we never didn't love you brothers, a roll round the lake for two trusted servants that left out the the good way ....

Moto....because it is...I think

Imagine that, we been so damn busy doing doing doing we might have forgot to just stop, sit and be. I did not start a single internal combustion engine today and that I feel was just what I needed. We did have one hell of a mid evening cross county shuffle Friday night though, damn [...]

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I been diggin into some old stuff lately. Though this is modern Garcia as it were, when having dinner with your dread brother at the local kitchen and Dead is rolling while eating and root beer at the bar well....it can cause any of us to drift back into those SG licks I sposeBela plays [...]

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Fire walker some may say, all things begin anew yet endings really aren't in such vast infinity I dare say I could give a damn good debate on if endings are even possible being how we self admit as a collective none can truly claim to have the answer, none at all. Be it real [...]

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I was asked recently about the "Mayhem" below is a cut and paste from having Googled (Loogled I was recently told) the definition of the word title of this postmayhemˈmāˌhem/nounnoun: mayhemviolent or damaging disorder; chaos. "complete mayhem broke out"synonyms:chaos, disorder, havoc, bedlam, pandemonium, tumult, uproar, turmoil, commotion, all hell broken loose, maelstrom, trouble, disturbance, confusion, riot, [...]

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Oregon, Eugene

Or he gone you Gene.....we can play with words all we wanna, it's cool and good and fun. Like when I told that polo tucked into his khaki shorts guy about the Native American shaman who had relayed the reason we don't recall names, I am sorry this doesn't meet your post board meeting conversation [...]

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I was thinking Wu Tang Clan all along, that now seems a bit too easy, maybe not... The GZA knows what I mean, and the Shaolin does too. The humble but scrappy little Honda Ruckus, so much in such a minimalist package. Good on it, everyone should have a moto and what better place to start than [...]

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What is Soul Food???

It is late, or early if ya wanna split hare's....I won't.I am typically listening to the album I am tapping keys about however why not change it up, seems to be the only real constant lately, change that is, in several arena's. Amazingly good one's too! I am sure it will level off again soon [...]

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Shop Rat Life

It is a lifestyle one obtains from somewhere I do not know, in my mind mechanics are born not made. Sure most folks can swap a battery, some can even drop and fill there own oil but usually prefer not to which is where the Jiffy Lubes of the world come in. We prefer to [...]

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Awareness Moto May'd

Something to that sorItThe first line is the last that is left of the past two blog posts I composed, it has been that type of day for a reason I know why but won't spew on here, I doubt any mud puddle drinking refugees would feel to deeply for my high class issues anyway, [...]

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